The Secret Club and the Manafuls

Book One of the Be Manaful series

The first in a series of unforgettable contemporary young adult (YA) fantasy adventures, uniquely inspired by Hawaiian mythology, The Secret Club and the Manafuls beckons you into a parallel dimension where magic, music, and the power of friendship converge in a captivating and inspirational tale to be cherished.
The Secret Club and The Manafuls, by Dorimalia Waiau. Front Cover.

“A thrilling and uplifting fictional universe inspired by Hawaiian myth that you’ll want to step into time after time.”

Richard Moriarty

The Sun

Magic abounds within the hearts and minds of three preteens in modern-day Hawaii as they travel through a time portal into another dimension, meeting Hawaiian dwarves with mana or power that takes their breaths away.

Pierre, a star athlete; Malie, a shy bookworm; and Nicole, a strong-hearted, misunderstood gal, become like siblings as they form The Secret Club within the surreal, powerfully magnetic other-world that is Manaful. They befriend Manaful leaders and preteens and come into themselves through healing from their Post-Covid experiences.

Growing as individuals through their mutual bond, the preteens explore the world of Manaful in this delightful, musical, and emotional novel about finding oneself with the love and help of others. The key moments of their journey show how self-love and trust in others can go a long way.

The Manaful World thrives behind shimmery walls. A song takes you there and a song brings you back. There you will find the Manaful, their Elders and their Hopohopop, inviting you to partake in adventures full of the magic that permeates the air. But beware; spirits lurk in this world, seeking to hijack the insecurities of humans and Manafuls alike There are those who would use these spirits for nefarious ends… and when they do, it’s not only the Manaful World that is affected. Can the Secret Club and their Manaful friends find the best solution to problems faced by both their worlds?

The Secret Club & The Manafuls, by Dorimalia Waiau, shown here in hardback and ebook formats.

The Secret Club and the Manafuls by Dorimalia Waiau, Book One in the Be Manaful series, is available now in hardback, paperback, audiobook and eBook formats.

“A must-read Hawaiian Fantasy book with a modern twist in 2023 is The Secret Club and the Manafuls”

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