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Meet the creative minds behind the enchanting Be Manaful series: Dorimalia Waiau and Easa Mohamed. Hailing respectively from the tropical wonders of Hawaii and Maldives, and brought together by a shared belief in the power of inspirational fiction, they are pooling their creative talents and life experiences into this new and exciting collection of young adult novels.

Dorimalia Waiau

Creator and Co-Author of the Be Manaful Series.

Native Hawaiian author Dorimalia Waiau found inspiration for the Be Manaful series in the most unexpected of places: the upheaval of the global Covid pandemic. A high school Language and Arts teacher, she saw first-hand how the after effects of coronavirus on her community badly impacted the wellbeing of her pupils. Recognising that these feelings of sadness, fear, and isolation must be shared by young people around the world, Dorimalia was stirred into action, determining to write a novel that would encourage readers not to feel like victims of circumstance but ‘brave souls’ ready to face the challenges that life presents. The result was The Secret Club and the Manafuls, a young adult novel that not only entertains but kindles hope and joy, sharing timeless and inspirational truths. Having worked with children for more than two decades, Dorimalia knows well the many problems that they must contend with — issues such as abuse, neglect, bullying, social anxiety, depression, and fear of rejection. Countering this, the Be Manaful series — so-named because, in the Hawaiian language, ‘mana’ means ‘power’ — promotes positive themes of self-healing, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love, as well as fostering a respect for nature and concern for protecting the environment. Through the adventures of the Secret Club, Dorimalia imparts the important lesson that we all have untapped potential and that it is OK to take time to unlock this and discover who we truly are. With courage and determination, we can all find our inner strength and become manaful.  The other guiding light in Dormalia’s writing is the celebration and sharing of the rich mythology and heritage of her beloved Hawaiian culture. The magical Manafuls of her stories are inspired by the Menehune of myth — which in ancient lore are a mythological race of dwarf people who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, hidden away from humans. As a child, Dorimalia was fascinated by stories of the Menehune and while she is a committed Christian, thinking of these extraordinary beings — which she describes as “imaginary cheerleaders” — has never fails to cheer her up.  Music plays a central role in Hawaiian culture and it is no surprise, then, that Dorimalia has incorporated numerous specially composed songs into her debut novel. These recall the traditional ‘mele’, or chant, that was once the most important way of remembering the deeds of the powerful, while providing readers with greater insights into the minds and feelings of the Be Manaful characters. With a passion for music and belief in the power of collaboration, Dorimalia invites fans of the Be Manaful series to contribute to a soundtrack accompanying her novels. Other forms of artistic expression inspired by her novels are, of course, equally welcome. Having penned and published her first novel, The Secret Club and the Manafuls entirely by herself, Dorimalia will be co-authoring the remaining books in the Be Manaful series with her “brother by heart”, Easa Mohamed. And with eight books planned in total, with one released on September 2nd each year, there will be many opportunities to become an honorary member of the Secret Club, join their incredible adventures, and be manaful. 
Dorimalia Waiau, author of the Be Manaful series.

Always remember: Magic comes fourth after love, faith, and hope. Manaful is wonderful only if you embrace that inner strength within you and share your “mana” or power with everyone and everything selflessly

Dorimalia Waiau, author

Dorimalia Waiau

Author of The Secret Club and the Manafuls, Dorimalia Waiau
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Easa Mohamed


Hailing from the vibrant Maldives, Easa Mohamed is a communicator by profession and an artist at heart. While his formal education lies in journalism and communications, his fascination with creativity has led him to explore literature and sketching as outlets for his imaginative spirit. Drawn to the captivating world of The Secret Club and Manafuls, in part because one of the novel’s inspirations — The Neverending Story — was a childhood favourite, Easa has contributed a forward to the novel and will be co-authoring the remainder of the Be Manaful series with Dorimalia Waiau.

The Be Manaful Book Series

Step into the enchanting world of the Be Manaful series, by Dorimalia Waiau and Easa Mohamed where Hawaiian mythology, magic, and the power of self-discovery intertwine in captivating tales of courage and friendship.

Dorimalia Waiau
Foreword by Easa Mohamed

Book 2 of the Be Manaful series

Dorimalia Waiau
and Easa Mohamed

Coming September 2024

Book 3 of The Be Manuful series

Dorimalia Waiau
and Easa Mohamed

Coming September 2025
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