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Unleash Your Creativity Through The Be Manaful Series

If you love The Secret Club and the Manafuls then why not join author Dorimalia Waiau in making the Be Manaful universe even more rich and vibrant? The concept of ʻohana (‘family’) is very important in Hawaiian culture and through the Be Manaful series Dorimalia is creating a global family of fans. She invites readers young and old to become active members of this community through their own creative adventures. Whether you’re strength and passion lie in music, writing, or art, there are countless ways to contribute your creative energy and be part of this incredible journey.

Be Manaful
with Musical Magic

Music is the heartbeat of the Manaful world, and Dorimalia is inviting you to compose melodies that resonate with the essence of the characters and their adventures. Dive into the emotions, the magic, and the wonder of the Be Manaful series, and create musical compositions that add an extra layer of enchantment to the stories. Your melodies will become a part of the Manaful soundtrack, creating an immersive experience for all readers.

Instruments on an Hawaiian beach. Digital Art.
Digital painting of a magical portal in a Hawaiian forest.

Be Manaful
Through Visual Wonders

If your talent lies in the visual arts, Dorimalia encourages you to contribute your artistic interpretations of the Manaful universe. Bring the Secret Club, the Manafuls, and other characters to life, illustrate pivotal scenes, or craft stunning landscapes that capture the vibrant natural settings and spirit of the series. Your artwork has the power to transport readers to the Manaful world and deepen their connection to the story so share your art and collaborate with fellow artists from around the world.

Be Manaful
With Your Writing

Does the Be Manaful series inspire you to write? Do you have a unique story to tell that takes place within the Manaful world? If so then Dorimalia welcomes you to pen fantastic fan-fiction for the pleasure of other fans. Craft your own tales, delve into new adventures, and share your creative narratives with the worldwide Be Manaful series community. Your stories will enrich the lore and expand the horizons of this fictional universe even further.

Hardcover version of the book depicted against an enchanted Hawaiian forest.

Let's Collaborate!

Dorimalia Waiau believes in the power of collaboration to amplify creativity and unite people from diverse backgrounds around the world. By sharing your work inspired by the Be Manaful series, you will become an integral part of the Manaful community, adding to the colorful canvas and helping bring the magic to life. Explore the possibilities, be manaful and let your creativity soar — the Manaful world awaits your unique touch!

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