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Aloha and e komo mai to the official website of Dorimalia Waiau—the native Hawaiian author who captures the spellbinding natural beauty of Hawaii into every word. Explore the enchanting world of the Be Manaful books, a captivating and inspirational YA fantasy series aimed at readers aged 11 and upwards where myth, magic, and music merge into unmissable adventure.

The Secret Club and the Manafuls

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the magical heart of Hawaii with The Secret Club and the Manafuls, the captivating debut novel in the Be Manaful series by native Hawaiian author Dorimalia Waiau. Step into the world of Pierre, the star athlete; Malie, the shy bookworm; and Nicole, a resilient spirit—three preteens whose lives are forever changed when a mystical time portal transports them to the mesmerizing realm of Manaful World.

In this parallel dimension of unspoilt forests and sparkling waterfalls, they befriend the Manafuls: powerful dwarf-like beings who communicate by telepathy and who resemble the ‘Menehune’ of Hawaiian legend—a mythological race of dwarf people said to live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the islands.

Back in their own post-Covid world, Pierre, Malie, and Nicole are each dealing with their own personal issues and challenges including bullying, depression, self-doubt, and isolation, but the ancient Manaful leader, Elder Puna, recognises instantly that they are each “aligned with Mana”, possessing significant untapped powers. 

And they will need them, for a great evil is attempting to conquer the land and the Manafuls depend upon their help to stop it. Coming together to form The Secret Club, the three children find solace and healing through friendship, and embark upon an unforgettable adventure of self-discovery and personal growth in the face of great challenges and danger.

Suitable for readers aged 11 years and upwards, Dorimalia Waiau’s young adult (YA) novel The Secret Club and the Manafuls weaves together timeless truths and fascinating Hawaiian mythology into an inspirational story like no other. Sharing positive messages of self-acceptance, courage, and the profound power of love, it will teach the true meaning of ‘Mana’ (power) so that you too can embrace your inner strength and ‘be manaful’ despite the pressures that life may throw your way.

The Secret Club and the Manafuls, by Dorimalia Waiau.

“A thrilling and uplifting fictional universe inspired by Hawaiian myth that you’ll want to step into time after time.”

Richard Moriarty

The Sun

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Author Dorimalia Waiau

Join Dorimalia Waiau on a creative journey and be a part of the collaborative magic that shapes the Be Manaful series. Contribute your voice, ideas, and passion to our growing community of storytellers, musicians, and artists. Together, we will weave the threads of imagination into an extraordinary tapestry of inspiration and connection.

About Dorimalia Waiau

Author of The Secret Club and the Manafuls

Say ‘aloha’ to Dorimalia Waiau, a proud Papakōlea native, passionate storyteller, and dedicated high school Language and Arts teacher with over two decades of experience nurturing young hearts and minds. 

Born and raised on the vibrant Hawaiian islands, Dorimalia grew up learning about the Menehune of Hawaiian tradition and these magical mythological being have been lifeforce of inspiration for her across her life. Describing them as “imaginary cheerleaders”, Dorimalia never failed to be cheered up by them and their lesson of being manaful (drawing upon your inner strength) when times were hard.

Now, through the Be Manaful series of YA novels, commencing with The Secret Club and the Manafuls, Dorimalia is both honouring her culture’s ancestral beliefs and sharing inspirational teachings to young people through her uplifting and unforgettable stories. With a heart that beats in sync with the rhythms of storytelling and music, combined with a deep love of language, Dorimalia aims to spread love and joy through her writing, which is steeped in the enriching and largely untapped mythology of Hawaiian culture.

Dorimalia Waiau’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of fiction combined with a keen understanding of the pressures that today’s young people face come together in the Be Manaful series to provide a living and breathing fantasy world that highlights the importance of self-belief. The author also embraces the spirit of collaboration and invites fans to become part of the Manaful experience as it continues to expand.

The Be Manaful Book Series

Step into the enchanting world of the Be Manaful series, where characters discover the art of ‘Being Manaful’—tapping into their hidden strengths to conquer adversity, ignite love, and embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and friendship.

Dorimalia Waiau
Foreword by Easa Mohamed

Book 2 of the Be Manaful series

Dorimalia Waiau
and Easa Mohamed

Coming September 2024

Book 3 of The Be Manuful series

Dorimalia Waiau
and Easa Mohamed

Coming September 2025

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